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Материалы для студентов (Some Possible Presentation Topics)

The below listed topics are only our suggestions mentioned to give you some guidelines. You can modify them as you like or choose a completely different topic.

  1. National Version of “Winnie-the-Pooh”.

If you know a particularly creative interpretation of “Winnie-the-Pooh” in your culture (retelling, theater interpretation, cartoon, etc.) or want to analyze the most successful translation, you can choose this topic.

  1. Role of Personal Contribution to Language History.

In this topic you can picture a person who significantly influenced the standard language and represent the new words, style or ideas brought in by him/her (As Peter I, Lomonosov, Karamzin, or Pushkin for Russian).

  1. Language Portrayal of the Époque.

Here you can represent your language of the last 10 years (or any other period in language history) and illustrate it with the most popular words and idioms, new or typical loan-words, new or typical concepts, etc.)

  1. Language of Internet and SMS Communication.
  2. Word Play in Contemporary Literature, Rock / Pop Music etc.
  3. National Character in Famous Movie Quotes.
  4. National Cuisine in Pictures and Language.
  5. “It Comes to a Head”: Idioms Related to Human Body.
  6. The Most Frequent Words and Causes for Their Frequency.
  7. The Most Polysemantic Word.
  8. Mass Media and Advertisements Slogans Using National Stereotypes.
  9. Famous (Belarusian, Bulgarian… etc.) Protagonists of Movies / Cartoons / Fairy-tales etc.